Hello, World!

Hello! My name is Iván Alejandro Ávalos Díaz and this is my new personal blog, in which I will talk about whatever that comes to my mind, such as indie music, typography, software development and more things that you don’t care about. It’s likely that nobody in this world (except for me) will read this, but I want to write it here anyway.

Because my mind is so active, and it never stops thinking and generating tons of thoughts, I decided that I needed to write everything out, because writing helps me to analyse my thoughts in a more structured way, instead of keeping them messed up inside my gland of thoughts™. Since my life is not very social (because I prefer it that way) and my hobbies and music tastes are extremely weird and different, it’s impossible to share them with anybody else, and that’s simply because people as weird as me don’t exist and will never exist, unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately?).

A little bit about me

I once believed that I was an expert and professional software developer, until I discovered the truth about the real world and stopped calling myself one, quoting it instead every time I mention it anywhere. I started with software development at the very young age of 9, playing with Visual Basic 6.0 and learning in YouTube. As I grew up, I learned more and more things by my own, such as PHP, Arduino, Android, C++, IoT with ESP8266, Laravel, iOS, Docker and Kubernetes, Python, as well as many random programming languages that I never used that much; although in none of those things I’m completely proficient. So, basically, I have had fun developing toy projects since elementary school.

The most interesting part of my life was after finishing junior high school (grades 6 to 8 in Mexico), when I did high school (grades 9 to 12) in less than two months and entered to the university with only 15 years of age. I did high school in a 22 module modality, consisting of one exam for each module and managed to finish them all in such a short time, after which I was accepted in one of the most demanded universities of my city. I will never regret having done things that way, because I don’t really care about friends, parties and all that stuff, so, I’m completely okay with this.

I’m not smart, gifted or genius

I’m just a completely normal human being, the only difference in me is my passion, dedication, motivation, enthusiasm and support. I really don’t like when people call me smart, gifted, special or genius, when they should call me instead passionate, enthusiast or dedicated, because those are the qualities that really matter, they highlight the effort needed to achieve any goal instead of just blindly saying that I’m super great. Nobody’s born gifted or not, the possibility that you become one depends on many factors, and not just magic or even genetics. I just want to make clear that everyone can do great things, if they have what’s needed in order to achieve them.

I’m ambivert, best of both worlds

According to this website, I’m introvert because:

Signs you are an introvert

But, I’m not completely introvert, I might flip quickly from introversion to extroversion in many environments or under many circumstances. In fact, I’m perhaps the most extrovert student in a non boring and interactive class (as long as I’m not sleepy); while I turn into the most introvert person in things like parties or social events, or among social groups where I don’t totally feel in confidence. Such thing is called being “ambivert”, when you’re not either totally introvert or totally introvert.

Update [2020-06-13]

I discovered I could probably not be an ambivert, but rather an introvert. According to 16personalities.com, I’m 82% introverted.