Moving to Hugo

This blog was previously using WordPress, until I discovered Hugo and decided to switch for the sake of minimalism and simplcity! I don’t really need a lot of stuff in my blog, other than the actual posts. I don’t need PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and a lot of other stuff only to run a simple blog! Hugo is just what I need, nothing more, nothing less.


I understand Markdown perfectly fine, I don’t need a fancy WYSIWYG editor with tons of options; just the basics. It makes it easy to store posts as text files, while images and static content goes to another folder. Markdown is such a convenient format!


This blog does not require a dynamic server, because it is fully static content, produced by Hugo; so copying the files to a folder in my VPS and serving it with NGINX is enough (and convenient). Also, this template (Etch) contains no JavaScript nor remote files, so your browser needs little processing to show it on your screen, and it weights almost nothing.


Hugo is extremely flexible, you can decide only which things you want to include into your website or blog. As I mentioned, I don’t need nothing other than posts; so I can easily make a minimalist website without bloat. And, I personally love minimalism and simplicity.


Drew DeVault is right, simplicity = effortless accessibility, he wrote about it on his blog post. Keep things simple, so you can reach a wider audience! And that’s an important philosophy I believe more developers (including me) should take into account, for the sake of humanity!


Yeah, Hugo is cool. That was my first reason to move my blog.