Free software worth checking out. Vol. I

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All the software listed below is free (as in freedom) and self-hostable. This list contains cool software I’ve found and fell in love with during my wanderlust journeys around the Internet.

Fossil SCM


WireGuard VPN











  1. Github-in-a-box, as described in section 2.1 of the wiki article “Fossil Versus Git”.

  2. I wrote a resource type to monitor and pull Fossil repositories.

  3. Zero-knowledge encryption means the server has no knowledge about the private encryption keys. CryptPad, for instance, hashes your password before uploading it to the server, and the web UI encrypts your private keys with your plain-text password client-side before uploading them.

  4. No official client for iOS yet. You can use Möbius Sync (commercial, non-free-yet).

  5. Some GUI frameworks and toolkits, such as GTK+ (now GTK) are heavily dependent on platforms like GNOME or KDE. SDL is not a GUI toolkit or a framework, but a library that provides low level access to hardware and accelerated graphics. Lagrange has its own UI widgets built in, rendered using SDL and provided by the_Foundation, a C11 library written by Lagrange’s developer.

  6. While it was part of the first UNIX operating systems, the reference to it as the “standard text editor” is used as a joke, in part because of the fact that vi is now more common than ed in Unix-like systems.