Update October 2021: Autumn

Gemini version of this post

I know, I know, it’s been two months since I posted my last update. You didn’t miss a lot, anyway. Maybe you don’t even care. It doesn’t matter. What I’m about to tell you is top secret, a conspiracy bigger than all of us… just kidding, but I hope you got the reference.

I stopped writing my diary because of laziness, so now I don’t know what happened the last two months. Something between the lines of being lazy in school as usual, but now to the point of not even attending classes and not doing homework. It’s getting out of control, as usual, but I’ll probably end up passing all my subjects again, as always. What is going on with me? I urgently need to get back to in-person classes or I’ll die.

Btw, I got my first dose! Yes, finally! It took a while to arrive for my age range in my city. As you might already know, I’m 18 already. In case you’re curious, the one I got was the mighty Sputnik V. It didn’t turn me into a Russian spy or anything like that, it only caused me fever and now I feel magnetic! (/s) I hope I get my second dose soon enough.

I took my first step towards my goal of bringing interest in the Free Software movement back here in Mexico: I invited RMS to give an online conference at a tech event in my school. He accepted! The event is happening in November. I’m really excited about it! He puts some conditions, such as attendees being able to register using only free software, which was to be expected, and which is totally fair and reasonable. My school department has been really supportive! They literally rewrote the whole registration system so it doesn’t require Gmail and stores attendees’ data in servers owned by the school.

I participated in an online hackathon in all Latin America sponsored by Visa and Stellar, but only because of Stellar. My friend told me about the event. We participated with an idea we already had, consisting on a free-software, free-hardware, cheap and low energy device that connects to the Stellar payment network through a LoRaWAN infrastructure, that brings digital payments to rural communities with limited access to the Internet, so they can, for example, receive remittances from relatives who migrate to the U.S. without having to go through the greedy financial system that usually exploits the fuck out of them. We didn’t make it to the finals, it doesn’t seem like the judges were interested in financial inclusion. In case you’re interested in working with us, let me know!

I’m working on selling customized-Traccar-as-a-service to a local company, I’m being paid by my dad to do so. So far, it’s not going too bad, but definitely not as good as I’d hope. Remember the Traccar client made in Ionic I bought the code of in Ionic Marketplace I told you about in the August 2021 update? Well, a customized version of it is also part of the service. Needless to say, web development sucks! It’s easy to mess things up so bad when you have so much freedom over everything, and things are built upon a poor quality and fast-moving ecosystem. I will probably rewrite the whole thing in Flutter or something sane. Knowing me, that won’t happen.

I watched Squid Game, and I love it! 5/5 I love its originality, visuals, indie aesthetics, its representation of social inequity, economics and critique to modern capitalism. It’s now one of my favorite TV shows, but obviously nothing will ever beat Mr. Robot. I also love how South Korea is producing a lot of great stuff: someone has to challenge Holywood or else USA will keep dominating the world’s entertainment and culture. We need diversity!

However, nothing I previously told you matters now that my laptop has an amazing 1920x1080 LCD display! A whole world of difference compared to the previous 1366x768 TFT LCD display with TERRIBLE contrast and colors. My eyes hurt, though, because scaling in GNU/Linux still sucks, both in Wayland and X11, and thus I prefer 100% scale: everything looks smol! I zoom text in some programs, though. Any tips on scaling? I’m using KDE, btw. Sometimes I connect an external monitor with a lot less DPI.

I think that’s all for this month’s update. I hope you enjoyed my weird ADHD-y post. I really need to write more on this blog/gemlog! See you in next year’s update!