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Hello, everyone! It’s really been almost a year since I last wrote in my blog and gemlog. Last time I wrote was in November 2021, and we’re not far from November 2022. You probably forgot about me, didn’t you? If so, then you never wondered what happened in my life all this time, but I’m telling you anyway.

The past semester was finally in-person! No more online classes, which means, actual social interaction and getting to know new people. And I did know new people, and they actually invited me to their parties (four, to be exact). I really hadn’t been to a single party before during my four years of university. I also came across old classmates from middle school and my two months at high school: they’re finally old enough to study university!

I made a close friend, with whom I spend a lot of time in school, so I’m not as loner as I used to be. This comes with both its pros and cons, but I’m very thankful for having him as a friend. We might not be very similar, but we share a very special sense of humor that makes us get along very well.

I re-took a class with a teacher I consider to be one of the best ones of my career, and it motivated me to learn more about low-level hardware and software. I told myself that my 2022 goal would be to improve my understanding of how computers and operating systems work, from the ground up.

I didn’t fail any subject the past semester. After failing all of them two semesters ago, I couldn’t just fail anything again, and my late 2021 depression ceased anyway, so it was easier. I had to help cleaning books at the school library in order to pass a subject, that I almost failed because I didn’t want to install Windows for SQL Server Management Studio.

During summer vacation, I watched South Korean TV shows with my parents, got Parabola to run in my Pinebook Pro, read stuff about low-level stuff, among other things. I even did some exercise running (kinda) around the avenue, because it is not healthy to be sitting all day.

This semester is turning out pretty well too, pretty much as good as the previous one. I have more subjects, and I’m being a lazy ass again, but it’s nothing new, I’ll end up passing all of them.