Free software worth checking out. Vol. II

Gemini version of this post

It’s been two years since the first “Free software worth checking out,” can you believe it? Well, I’ve had two years to discover new cool stuff, so here’s what I can sell. There’s a lot of cool free (as in freedom) software out there!


This is the first notes app that I don’t forget to use after two days!

GNOME Evolution

I used Claws Mail before, but it was a lot of trouble to get it working the way I like it, and most importantly, it doesn’t support OAuth2 and CalDAV.

GNU Jami

I have no one to use it with.

GNU Taler

Disclaimer: I work at Taler Systems SA, the company behind GNU Taler.

It hasn’t been deployed anywhere yet, but hopefully soon it will.


This is my hope to discover new music again!

jtx Board

I use Nextcloud as the CalDAV server. Everything gets synced to Evolution.

KDE Connect


I really thought this was on Vol I.


This should’ve been on Vol. I too.

Subsonic API

The server implementation I use is Supysonic, because it is the only one available on Debian. The client I use on Android is my own fork of D-Sub, and in GNU/Linux, I use Sublime Music, although sometimes I prefer Subplayer for Web. I’m also working on my own client for GNU/Linux.